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It’s a big project, landscaping Grove City, and that’s why we are doing it one property at a time. But isn’t that every business’s ambition, to establish itself as the go-to company for their line of work?

It’s varied, and we love what we do because every client has a different vision and different raw materials for us to work with. Every job is a new challenge, and it’s meeting challenges that keeps us moving forward, developing our skills, and broadening our vision.


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You have a vision for your outdoor space, and you need someone experienced to make it happen. That’s where we come in. At Inspired Design & Contracting, we turn your dreams into reality with our expertise.

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Our team of outdoor living designers and contractors have worked through hundreds of projects ranging from Complete Garden Design & Build, Concrete Work (driveways, fire pits, stamped concrete), Stone Work (patios, retaining walls), Outdoor Kitchens, Pavers, Woodwork (fencing, decking, stairs, sheds, pergolas), Drainage Systems, Irrigation, Lighting, Shades, Water Features and much, more!

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Explore Residential Landscaping

In the landscaping world, it’s a matter of taking what the builders left behind and making it an appealing place to live – from an outdoor point of view. Most people deal with the inside themselves, choosing furniture, painting the walls, and maybe bringing in some professionals for things like laying carpets. Outside, though, that’s a different ballgame. A little basic gardening is one thing, but putting the garden there in the first place doesn’t happen by magic. That’s why the realtors’ blurbs refer to “mature” gardens because outdoor areas settle down over time. The mellow look of a well-landscaped area gives a sense of peace to a property.  Read More

There are practical elements to consider and once the choices have been made there is great physical effort involved. Landscaping is not for the faint-hearted. But what exactly is meant by residential landscaping in Grove City Ohio? It means making the most of what you’ve got, and that means something different to each individual. It means using natural features to your advantage and in some cases getting rid of them if they are going to work against you.

Bring on the Big Projects

Let’s say you have a little land around your building. Not enough to be called “the grounds”, around which you can walk visitors under a parasol, pointing out the ducks at the far end of the lake, where you go cold-water swimming all year round. If you do have such a patch of land, you will be looking for landscaping companies in Grove City Ohio that can handle a job of that size. At Inspired Design & Contracting we have successfully completed some sizable projects in our time, so if you do have a good deal of land, we would be seriously interested in planning, designing, and executing some beautiful landscaping for you.

Small is Beautiful Too

If your property is a more modest size, it can still be impressive. It all depends on the scope of your imagination. Part of our overall service is ideas, and our designers have the flair to create something special in places that don’t feel especially inspiring. Creativity is contagious, and once we point out some possibilities, we find clients quickly get into the spirit and start dreaming bigger. We can’t increase the size of your available land, but we can make the most of it and we can make it feel bigger, even. 

Much depends on what is there at the moment, but even then, things can be changed. Obstacles can be removed, undulating ground can be made flat, and space can be opened up. Some judicious paving can make an area seem bigger simply because it is easier to get around. And talking of paving, that is a world of possibilities in itself. It can create character, whether you go for flagstones, brick, or printed concrete. What you’re not going to get is impacted earth that turns into a quagmire when it rains.

Grass is a landscaper’s friend and can provide a superb, stable, swish green surface in the right situation. It takes a little maintenance (mowing and weeding, nothing difficult) and looks elegant. If you have a large patch that would be ideal for grass, we can take care of it for you, feeding, watering, and aerating as well as keeping it trimmed and tidy. Maintaining a big lawn is a specialized business, and that’s why grassed sports fields look not just immaculate but elaborate because the groundskeepers have the skills and also the passion to make them as good to look at as they are to perform on. Scale that down to your project and we can do the same thing for you.

If grass is not the thing, some creative thinking around tiles can give your yard a unique look – unique in this part of the world, that is, because if you evoke the look of another country, your place can have the ambiance of a Mediterranean retreat or an Irish village: it’s really up to you. When you’re landscaping Grove City, you are transforming your part of it.

Let’s Come up with a Plan

First things first: what do you see happening in your outdoor area? Is it going to be a patio rather than a garden, and if so, what are you going to do out there?

Parties and revelry? You’re going to need a sheltered, flat space suitable for tables and chairs. If you’re planning it in the winter, you’re going to need to imagine it on a beautiful summer day with a big shade of some sort keeping the canapes and salads cool against the fierce Ohio sun. You know how it is in a variable climate: be careful what you wish for and make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities.

Games and sports? This kind of lifestyle will influence what you do as regards vegetation because soccer and field hockey are incompatible with flower beds. Vegetables too: let’s not forget them. Outdoors is for growing, and many landscaped areas include a patch or two for producing food. There is nothing like the flavor of a vegetable straight from the ground in your own backyard, and if you can save a few bucks along the way, why not? A greenhouse could be useful too.

If you’ve got enough room for some baseball, you’ll need a smooth surface underfoot and a clear area where the hotshots can dispatch the ball without fear of breaking things (that delicate greenhouse, for instance) or forever asking the neighbors for their ball back.

Peace and quiet? There is a lot to be said for sitting out in the fresh air with a book or the newspapers, listening to the birds, and just plain enjoying being alive. Some trees and maybe a fountain wouldn’t go amiss here. As for underfoot, a nice bit of decking can fit the bill.

Driveways and Paths: Pure Practicality

The stylish, sober-suited relative of the patio is the driveway, and it is equally important. A good driveway is often taken for granted, but there is no reason why practical should not also mean attractive. Concrete, asphalt, paving stones: all of these are options and can affect the overall look of your property. The same with pathways, which may be simple links from one place to another, but they can be good-looking links and they must be safe, stable ones. It is worth taking some time to look at the options and discuss with our experts what kind and level of traffic – vehicular and human – will be using these surfaces.

Book a Consultation and Start Firming Up Ideas

Whatever your ideas and whether you think they will even be possible, our designers can work with you to turn dreams into reality. As a first step, you can call us or fill in the online inquiry form, giving us an idea of what you have in mind. We can then arrange a consultation, in which we visit your property, see what we have to work with, and start formulating ideas. Back at HQ, the designers can use their computer technology to visualize the possibilities and show you how things could look. Read Less

Professional, Detailed, Masterpiece Work

Jim and the crew at Inspired Design & Contracting are very professional in all they do. They are extremely detailed oriented, looking at every possible detail from design collaboration through the construction process. The finished product is a masterpiece work. Get ready to get many compliments. Don’t take my word for it, just give Jim a call.
– Jeffrey S.

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