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Hardscapes Columbus Ohio


Hardscaping refers to designing the permanent structures of your backyard (in contrast, landscaping refers specifically to the lawncare aspect). When implemented next to softscaping (which describes live plant elements such as flowerbeds, shrubs, potted plants, and so forth), hardscaping in Columbus Ohio can redesign your backyard into a practical yet eye-catching vista.

Hardscaping doesn‚Äôt just mean tearing apart your backyard and calling it a day, however. Hardscaping is, in fact, an end-to-end process, from creating a customized design to immaculate installation to ongoing maintenance.

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    Hardscapes Columbus Ohio

    Other than an aesthetic and uplifting design, hardscaping has several other notable benefits, including:

    Increased Property Value

    Dirty, undesigned backyards may deter potential buyers, no matter how sizeable. Studies have shown that the majority of buyers seek an outdoor patio when assessing a house, meaning hardscaping can provide an exceptional return on investment (ROI).

    Creating a Communal Space

    Our customers have used hardscaping to transform their yards into beautiful family spaces, including lounge areas, outdoor kitchens, and pool decks.

    Fixing Grade Issues (and Nipping Erosion in the Bud)

    If your yard has a sloping or uneven grade, hardscaping can restore its level. Using harder surfaces can also maintain the integrity of the ground against erosion. Similarly, strategic pathways and patios can redirect foot traffic from your lawn, preventing long-term degradation of your lawn.

    Safety and Security

    Well-placed hardscaping features can define property lines, helping to prevent unwanted access. Providing stable places for people to walk will also help visitors navigate your property safely.

    Low Maintenance (and High Visual Impact)

    Well-installed hardscaping will also require minimal maintenance. Stamped concrete and footpaths self-maintain effectively, usually only requiring resealing every few years and gentle cleaning with a standard detergent. Compare its upkeep to that of a traditional lawn, which demands constant fertilization, mowing, watering, and so forth.


    What Do Hardscapes in Columbus, Ohio Look Like?

    Here are some examples of hardscapes in Columbus Ohio features:


    Patios are a cornerstone of hardscaping. A patio provides a stable, comfortable space that can host other hardscaping features (pergolas or fire pits, for example). If getting a patio installed, we would recommend stamped concrete as an attractive, practical, and pocket-friendly option.

    Fire pits

    Fire pits never go out of fashion and offer a stylish (not to mention highly practical social space). The advantage of fire pits compared to fireplaces is that fire pits are portable, so they can be adjusted to your satisfaction. There are many well-regarded fire pits on the market, so it will be easy to find one that meets your specifications.

    Sidewalks and walkways

    Sidewalks and walkways offer several functional advantages. For example, they direct foot traffic away from the softscaping in your outdoor space. Or, in non-technical terms, they stop people from walking on your lawn.

    Aesthetically, sidewalks and walkways can tie together the overall design of an outdoor space.

    Pool decks

    Safe, comfortable, and aesthetic, pool decks join your pool with the¬†wider¬†context of your outdoor space. A beautifully designed pool deck will naturally encourage relaxation and sunbathing. Using the¬†right¬†materials, the pool deck can complement your¬†home’s¬†architecture and design to create a comfortable and beautiful space surrounding your pool.


    Porches bridge the interior of your home with the outdoor space. As such,¬†there are many opportunities¬†to reflect your¬†home’s¬†personality and create a welcoming ambiance. They can be simple and¬†functional,¬†or more elaborately as a social space.

    Designing a porch creates a delicate touch, as it must¬†be resistant to¬†Ohio’s¬†weather conditions while maintaining visual interest. When well-executed, a porch can be an inviting space all year round.¬†

    These are only a few examples of hardscaping Рin fact, it is a wide and varied field of outdoor design.


    One of the questions we get most frequently is: ‚ÄėIsn‚Äôt implementing hardscaping disruptive? Of course, installing hardscaping may require some upheaval in your outdoor space, but generally, hardscaping can be completed in a time-effective manner. The complete process of implementing hardscaping looks like this:

    1. Booking an Initial Consultation

    Select a suitable specialist in Columbus and book an appointment at your leisure. Some hardscaping specialists may request a consultation fee: however, Inspired Design & Contracting is proud to offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation. During this time, the hardscaping specialist will record measurements of your space and ask you about your design objectives.

    At this point,¬†people‚Äôs¬†requirements will vary considerably. Sometimes,¬†we‚Äôve¬†talked to clients who have their hardscaping designs perfected¬†down¬†to every detail. Other times, clients have wanted ideas for what features may benefit their space. There is no¬†‚Äėright approach‚Äô¬†to hardscaping, as a specialist will guide you through the process to the end product, which is – hopefully – the outdoor space of your dreams.

    2. Developing and Finalizing a Design Plan

    Using the insights gleaned from the initial consultation, the hardscaping specialist will sketch out visualizations of what the layout of the hardscaping will look like on your property. The plan will include material specifications (such as the durability and costs of the materials involved). All the measurements will be in place, too, which will accurately convey scale. A good plan will offer a clear perspective of the landscaping, including how the hardscaping features interact with softscaping features (such as lawns, shrubs, and plant features). Where necessary, the plan may also include details of its compliance with Ohio building regulations.

    You will then have the opportunity to offer feedback and request changes. The specialist will implement your suggested changes into an adjusted version of the plan. When you have approved the conceptualizations and materials, it will be time to progress to the next stage Рinstallation. The installation timeline will be included in the plan, so there should be no surprises.

    3. Installation

    The site will then be prepared, with any debris cleared. If not already in place, a foundation will be installed. The hardscaping element will then be installed, and its joints will be stabilized to prevent movement or weed growth over time. 

    After a final quality check to ensure satisfactory results are achieved in regard to the initial plan, the project will be finished. You can now enjoy your hardscaping feature to its fullest extent. 

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    Inspired Design & Contracting has been designing and constructing stunning hardscaping for over twenty decades. Over the years, our designs have won several awards, with our attention to detail and knack for problem-solving being especially commended.

    What¬†we‚Äôre¬†proudest of, however, is our exceptional customer service. We have accrued 5-star reviews across every¬†major¬†review platform, with our customers describing us as‚Äô¬†super responsive‚Äô,‚Äô¬†smooth and¬†stress-free‚Äô,¬†‚Äėdetailed and hardworking‚Äô,¬†and¬†‚Äėgreat to work with‚Äô.

    If you think Inspired Design & Contracting might be a good fit for your project (or simply have a question), there are several easy ways to¬†get in touch with¬†us. Give us a call¬†at¬†(614) 383-0750 (our office hours are 9am¬†–¬†6pm Monday¬†to Sunday,¬†and 9am to 2pm on Saturday) for a free quote. Alternatively, you can fill out our straightforward contact form, and one of our team will¬†be in touch with¬†you ASAP.

    Also worth noting is that we’re active across various parts of Ohio, so if you’re based slightly outside of Columbus, we would still love to collaborate on your hardscaping project.

    We hope we have inspired your hardscaping designs and encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions.

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