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“See that beautiful swathe of land there? Impressive, imaginative, immaculate, right? And it’s mine. But it wasn’t like that when I bought it. It didn’t happen by accident. A lot of thought went into it. A serious amount of planning. A huge amount of effort - elbow grease, if you like. Did I do it myself? Like I’ve got the time. Or the knowhow. Or the equipment. No, that’s not a hobby you’re looking at. I masterminded it, sure. A lot of the ideas were mine. But I took expert advice, and I used the experts’ own team of workers to get it done. I looked up landscape contractors in Hilliard Ohio. You know what they say: you can’t do it all yourself. The most successful people surround themselves with other talented individuals.”


What’s Even Better Than a Garden? Landscaping in Hilliard Ohio


You have a tale to tell, a vision to realize, a dream or inspiration to explore, and you need someone proficient and knowledgeable to turn your outdoor space ideas into a reality. That’s us. Inspired Design & Contracting offers a wealth of experience in making dreams and ideas come to life.

Over 25 Years of Residential Landscaping


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Explore Residential Landscaping

You have a story to tell, you have a vision in mind, a dream or inspiration that you’d like to explore and you’re looking for someone that is experienced and competent to bring your outdoor space ideas and inspirations into an experience, and that’s us. Inspired Design & Contracting brings a wealth of experience in making dreams and ideas into reality. Read More

The principle is exactly the same with landscaping in Hilliard Ohio. When you take on responsibility for a piece of land in Hilliard, be it large or a modest size, the best way to get it looking outstanding is to call in people who know what they’re doing, seasoned professionals who have a track record of producing and maintaining parcels of land. In Hilliard, landscaping means Inspired Design & Contracting, and that isn’t just the name of our company. It is called that for a reason. We want our clients to be inspired by their own outdoor space. They can transfer their enthusiasm to us, and we get inspired too.

We have been doing this for more than 25 years. Where a homeowner sees a space and doesn’t know what to do with it, we see a blank canvas just waiting for some ideas to turn it into something exceptional. It doesn’t have to be huge. If it is pretty big, we can certainly help you with that, with the general aim of making it not just beautiful but manageable.

See the World in Your Little Part of It

If your patch is quite small, perhaps you want to make it look bigger, more distinctive, less ordinary. We can do that, too. With our eye for design, your thoughts plus an open mind, great things can be achieved. We bring landscape design to Hilliard Ohio, giving you the opportunity to make something special out of your piece of it. Different plants, unusual types of rock or gravel, decorative styles, and feature objects from other countries: you can make your patch a microcosm of your favorite parts of the world.

Residential Landscaping in Hilliard Ohio = Exterior Design 

Residential landscaping is a way of describing areas that are not public property. It means not public parks but people’s private gardens, not rambling acres of common land but the place you live most of your life. It means the land associated with your home. When it comes down to it, that is your own personal part of the planet, so you have the authority – and perhaps the responsibility – to do something interesting with it. Whoever built the place may not have given much thought to it, but they will have left you with a certain square yardage that was not under a roof.

You hear a lot about interior design and see how a property can be transformed by a bit of flair and imagination, but outside, in what labors under the unromantic name “the yard”, there is just as much potential – if you know how to use it. Maybe you have a creative streak but lack the technical knowledge and just need someone to bring it out and translate your ideas into what can be called landscaping.

On the other hand, you may have little ability or even interest in such matters, which is also fine with us. Maybe you can tell us what you don’t want, and we can work around that.

It’s Not All About Grass

Don’t get us wrong: we love grass, and we are highly skilled at planting, nurturing, and maintaining it, but it is just one option among many. The general idea of landscaping in many people’s minds is all about rolling hills and trees: that is what landscape paintings tend to show us – or is it? There is much more to it than that. Look at the work of some of the great American landscape artists and you will see it’s not all lush emerald areas fit for golf courses. When Thomas Moran painted the nation’s natural beauties, he didn’t see the whole country like The Masters at Augusta, he saw the Grand Canyon, he saw Yellowstone; he saw crags and mountains, humble plants, and scrubland. You might not want too much of that in your personal part of the world, perhaps, but it doesn’t all have to be flat and green. Yes, grass can be the answer in many situations, but there is also shrubbery, there are flower beds, and water features. Levels can be used effectively to add interest and variety.

There are issues to consider such as light and shade, warmth, and shelter. There are practical elements such as eating outdoors, which leads us to paved areas and barbecues, places to prepare food not too far from the kitchen. Should those paved areas be made of tiles, slabs, or printed concrete?

Ideas, ideas. Decisions, decisions. That is why often a client will seek our advice. It’s your project but you may need help in making up your mind. Alternatively, you may just need a day or two to think about it and then you come back to us with a detailed plan, and we will implement it. If you are looking for the best landscaping contractors in Hilliard or you’ve been asking around for the top landscape companies in Hilliard, you have now found us.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Landscaping Project

That may sum up perfectly what you’ve got in mind: a landscaping project. But even if it sounds a little grand for what you’re thinking of, there is no harm in talking about it, kicking some thoughts around, and seeing if between us we can put some flesh on the bones of your ideas. So, call us or fill in the online inquiry form, giving us your contact details and some idea of what you’re considering doing. Talking leads to progress and teamwork beats solo projects in most cases.

One aspect that should not be forgotten when planning a residential landscaping project is the ease of maintenance. If the client is going to be looking after it themselves, how much work is that going to involve? For some people it’s fun. For others, it’s a chore. For others again it’s just too demanding, too strenuous.

That must be taken into consideration early on.

We will arrange a consultation, where we visit the property and see exactly what you have to work with. Then it’s down to the designers to get creative and come up with things you maybe haven’t thought of. That is the role of the creatives: coming up with fresh ideas. Innovation means thinking outside the box, approaching things from a different angle, and seeing how the area could look when it is completely different from how it is now.

Big changes can be made that will transform your outdoor area, but equally, small details can make all the difference, and those can be the most brilliant ideas of all. A change of color, a different texture, better use of light; open something up, screen something off, find a common theme that links it all together, or get rid of a feature that spoils the whole thing. The world of design is mysterious in many ways, but often it results in the happy realization that the answer was there all along: why didn’t I think of that?

Inspired Design and Contracting: the clue is in the name.

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Professional, Detailed, Masterpiece Work

Jim and the crew at Inspired Design & Contracting are very professional in all they do. They are extremely detailed oriented, looking at every possible detail from design collaboration through the construction process. The finished product is a masterpiece work. Get ready to get many compliments. Don’t take my word for it, just give Jim a call.
– Jeffrey S.

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