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Why Your Driveway Doesn’t Have to Look Like Everyone Else’s


Your driveway is an important part of your property. It takes a huge amount of wear and tear. In addition to your own car(s) and other personal vehicles, it has to welcome those of your visitors, all of whom are taking for granted that their precious wheels will be safe and sound. The driveway connects the great outdoors to the delicate indoors, so it needs to be stable, smooth, and flat. You don’t want puddles and mud – that’s why people pave driveways in the first place, so they can step out of the car onto dry land and not get their feet wet or go tramping dirt into the house. We believe a property that has been thought about carefully inside should receive the same attention outside.

Driveway Sealing Columbus Ohio

You may never have thought about driveways before because there are more fascinating subjects in the world. But you could say the same about walls and roofs, windows, and doors. Even those things, though, attract more attention than driveways. What are the walls made of? Is there any cladding or extra weatherproofing? What about insulation? Is the roof covered with tile or slate, or if it’s flat, is it concrete or fiberglass or maybe that old-fashioned rubbery stuff with a sort of gravelly texture? Something to do with bitumen? Are the windows and doors double glazed, and uPVC or aluminum? Wood?

Surely not. That would be like throwing a handful of grass seeds on the earth and calling it a lawn. Not good enough anymore, not in this day and age. So, attention to detail is important, and so is finding out what developments have been made in recent years because there is always progress going on in the building and associated trades. Read More

But the driveway: that’s just a driveway, isn’t it? Well, it is, but it is a thoroughly practical device that has to be just that: thoroughly practical. What is it made of? Maybe asphalt, but probably concrete. And yet there are other options for making a driveway. There is tiling. There are paving stones, flagstones, bricks, or some other kind of ceramic material. You can even have cobblestones and make like you’re in a quaint hilltop town in southern Italy.

Even with concrete, there are ways of making it look a little different. There is texturing, printing the surface so that it resembles some other material. Again, you don’t just have to do the obvious and the cheapest thing. There is also the decidedly unpragmatic matter of what color you would like. If that is irrelevant to you, that’s one obstacle out of the way. But if the color is going to make a big difference to the overall look of the property and that is important to you, it is something to be addressed: not so much a problem as an extra point to consider.

The Cost and Practicality of Different Driveway Materials

All of these things contribute to why it is hard to answer a simple question like how much does paving a driveway cost. Because the answer starts with it depends… Asphalt might be a fairly cost-effective way of doing it, but concrete is going to be tougher and last that bit longer. On the other hand, are you going to be having older vehicles out there, dropping oil on your pristine white surface? Black would do a better job of disguising that.

Asphalt has a place in the affections of some people because it smells good when it’s being laid. Many a childhood memory remains with people who were close by when road work was being done, with those huge machines scraping the old surface off and dressing the base with a fresh coat, and that heady aroma of hot bitumen was heavy in the air. That’s not a reason to choose it, maybe, but it accounts for a certain percentage of asphalt’s popularity. Concrete, on the other hand, just gets the job done.

It all starts to get a bit complicated and for the sake of what? A driveway? Just so a big, ugly, heavy truck can swing off the road with a delivery for you and make the place look untidy

Precisely. Your driveway has to be ready for all eventualities. It has to be the red carpet and the landing strip, the neat surface underfoot and the tough character that can cope with anything. When that unthinking truck does come lumbering onto your property, you don’t want to be wincing at the sight and getting the insurance company’s phone number ready just in case. Read Less

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    Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

    Whichever material is chosen for driveway paving in Columbus Ohio, the homeowner needs to make sure they are employing a company that truly understands this business and will do the necessary preparation, putting in a good, solid base for the attractive surface to be built on. Otherwise, you will soon be looking at driveway repair in Columbus Ohio, which we at Inspired Design & Contracting would be happy enough to do for you, but we would rather be the ones that created a great, long-lasting driveway for you in the first place. 

    Similarly, anyone needing driveway sealing in Columbus OH can call us in and we’ll be happy to help, but if you can get the job done well at the start, so much the better.

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    If you are not sure what kind of driveway paving Columbus Ohio, or at least your part of it, requires, then why not give us a call? We have vast experience of this kind of thing and can give simple, impartial advice based on work we have done and seen others do in the past. Let the neighbors go for the first thing anyone suggests. It’s not so much a case of keeping up with the Joneses as showing the Joneses a thing or two.

    So, you can call us and discuss your project, or fill in the online inquiry form with your contact details and some information about what you’re planning. The next stage will be to arrange a consultation, whereby we will visit your property and get a good look at the conditions and the style you have there at present. Then we can put together a proposal for you, or maybe give you some ideas and prices, so you can mull it over before you make your final decision. We can show you previous projects and give you a clear idea of how your property would look if you did it in a similar way. It’s a significant part of your spread and therefore not a decision to be made lightly.

    We treat driveway projects with just as much care and consideration as the other aspects of our business, landscaping, and the paving of patio areas, so rest assured we are concerned with the design and appearance of your driveway as well as the practical side of it. We are in the business of adding value to properties by making them visually attractive, and you don’t just get the benefit of that value if and when you sell; it is there in the fact that you feel confident of your driveway and you gain the satisfaction of seeing it every day and knowing you made a good decision that makes the place look great and is one less thing to worry about over the years.

    Never underestimate the benefits of getting a good job done that will be a silent friend to you over time, when a less well-thought-out solution would have been storing up trouble.

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