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The Most Impressive Paver Patio Installation in Columbus Ohio

Paver Patio Installation & Repair


Sometimes it seems like everybody in the Columbus area has a patio. That means if you want yours to stand out, it will have to be startlingly original. But who wants to be startled by a residential outdoor area? Forget startled – let’s look at impressed. That is the hallmark of quality. It’s like your choice of luxury watch: it doesn’t have to leap off your wrist, saying “look at me, I’m so expensive”. It speaks for itself in a way that is understood by those who know quality when they see it, and the first person who needs to be impressed is you.

The first step in that direction comes with examining the options, and one thing you should consider is the wisdom of getting a paver patio in Columbus Ohio as opposed to another kind of patio. Hot summers and cold winters. Many would say that’s how it should be, but the climate where you live influences a whole host of things, including the choice of surfaces for outdoor areas. In this case, it means the ideal patio is a paver patio, and that is for purely practical reasons.

Sure, it is probably cheaper to get a concrete truck or ten to pour vast slicks of the gooey stuff all over your land and let it settle down and dry out. Job done, the quick-fix guys would say. But hold on a minute. What about those extremes of temperature? What about expansion and contraction? A patio area is for walking on. It’s different from a driveway.

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    What is Your Patio For?

    A patio makes the outdoor area next to a residence like an extension of the house. It’s a place for sitting in the sun, enjoying a cold drink, or maybe a barbecue – and if you put a fire pit or a gas heater out there you can even use the patio in the colder months. It’s for increasing your quality of life by adding some fresh air. 

    All of that means that in a typical Columbus summer, there will quite likely be people out there barefoot, even if it is just you removing your shoes for a while to enjoy that little bit of freedom and relaxation. We all get a bit back to nature when the weather perks up. 

    Kids will be kicking a soccer ball around. There could be a frisbee flying and a steady flow of people into and out of the house with jugs of juice and bags of salad leaves. 

    Suddenly the home has an extra dimension, somewhere with a very different ambiance. Just for a few months maybe, with cold weather inevitable in the fullness of time, because this is the land of proper seasons.

    Patios and Safety - Flat is Good

    Patios are often associated with swimming pools; in which case, a safe surface is definitely required. Safe and comfortable. What you don’t want is cracks and ridges, and that is one benefit of a paver patio: the filled spaces between the pavers can cope with a bit of expansion. They absorb it rather than buckling, so the area stays flat. Read More

    Choosing Between Paver Patio Companies in Columbus Ohio

    There is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Before you can start laying any kind of patio there is preparation to be done, and it is important to remember the old business adage of the four p’s: proper planning prevents poor performance. Perhaps the most important decision of all is to resist the temptation to do it yourself. Even a seasoned do-it-yourselfer can come seriously unstuck with a project like this, because as gifted and adaptable as you may be, how many times have you done this before? Without the right plans, you are destined to fail. Without the proper materials, it’s not going to work. Without the right tools and equipment, it’s never going to look as good as it could do.

    No, don’t even think about it. You are probably reading this because you had the good sense to look up paver patio installation in Columbus Ohio. Good move. And even better is that you’ve found Inspired Design & Contracting because this is what we do professionally. Part of what we do, anyhow. We are all about enhancing outdoor areas and if you want a paver patio in Columbus Ohio, we can do a fabulous job for you.

    Repairs? We Would Rather You Didn’t Need Them

    Another thing we can do is sort out people’s DIY follies or cheap and nasty jobs: that is called paver patio repairs in Columbus Ohio, and it’s not something you ever want to have to do an internet search for. If you or someone else doesn’t do the preparation properly, the surface may look good at first, but it will be unstable, and the chickens will come home to roost pretty soon. Let us do the job in the first place and you will have it done properly, a paver patio that will last and keep looking great for many years.

    How Do You Want it to Look?

    There is a huge variety of options for a paver patio in Columbus Ohio. Stone, for instance, comes in an endless array of colors and patterns, almost as if there were some stone designers at work in a bespoke quarry somewhere. It’s nature, in fact, with all its unlimited variety. Stone is found all over the world and although the old buildings in your area were probably built with local stone, simply because it was easier to get hold of and required no long-haul shipping, in today’s world you can get your hands on pretty much anything you want. That means if you have your heart set on, say, an Indian-themed patio with echoes of the Taj Mahal, that can be arranged.

    The same is true with tiles. The USA has plenty of high-quality ceramic tile manufacturers, but if you want to go the European route and emulate something you once saw in Rome or Athens, the world is your oyster. 

    Contact Us and Let’s Start Work on Something Unique

    If you have a good idea of what you want, just call us or fill in the online inquiry form and we will get back to you. Give us a few details of your project and what you think might be good, and we can help you refine your plans. If you currently have no idea, we can start from scratch with some general options based on our experience in the design and construction of paver patios.

    We will arrange a consultation, where we visit the property to get a good idea of what we are dealing with before our designers get to work visualizing the project and seeing how it would look if you did this, or that, or something else altogether. Imagination and creativity backed up by sound principles and the knowledge of what will work and what won’t; these are the ingredients of a successful project. 

    Many of our clients thoroughly enjoy the process, as they learn more about paver patios and come to see how the reality can be even more exciting than the pipedream. We can take you on a journey from sketchy ideas to a finished product that will give you many years of pride and pleasure while adding value to your property if there comes a time when you want to sell up and move on.

    You will be impressed with the result and will also enjoy the knowledge of what went into the project, the elements that give you confidence this is going to be one of the best decisions you ever made. Read Less

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