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Our mission at Inspired Design & Contracting is to create inspiring and breath-taking outdoor experiences for every single client. We put our passion, heart, soul, and well over 25 years of combined experience in delivering work that we’re proud to say it was done by “Inspired Design.” Besides the awards, landscaping publication features, and dozens of famous Pinterest pins, we keep our clients at the center of our business, not our name or recognition, because at the end of the day, it’s all about you, our clients. You have a story to tell, you have a vision in mind, a dream or inspiration that you’d like to explore and you’re looking for someone that is experienced and competent to bring your outdoor space ideas and inspirations into an experience, and that’s us. Inspired Design & Contracting brings a wealth of experience in making dreams and ideas into reality. Our team of outdoor living designers and contractors have worked through hundreds of projects ranging from Complete Garden Design & Build, Concrete Work (driveways, fire pits, stamped concrete), Stone Work (patios, retaining walls), Outdoor Kitchens, Pavers, Woodwork (fencing, decking, stairs, sheds, pergolas), Drainage Systems, Irrigation, Lighting, Shades, Water Features and much, more! Inspired Design & Contracting serves the entire Columbus, Ohio region and all near-by areas. We’d love the opportunity to get to know you and your story! Contact us today by calling (630) 202-0499 or requesting a free consultation. Read More

25 Years and Still Smiling: Our Story So Far

What should a school careers adviser concentrate on? Advising your people that they should think about making a fortune doing something – anything – that is guaranteed to be lucrative? Or spending their life doing what they love, what they’re passionate about, and what they will become expert at because they enjoy it? It helps to have a natural ability in that direction, of course, but if you can get out of bed every morning looking forward to the working day, that’s got to be good. We at Inspired Design & Contracting could serve as a prime example of the latter approach because we simply love what we do.

Over the combined total of more than 25 years we’ve been doing this we have earned an enviable reputation, and why is that? Because the fact that we love it shines through, shows in our work, and filters through to our clients. We don’t just go through the motions. Everything we do – and it’s many different things – is done with pride and, crucially, with the customer’s best interests front and center. We keep up to date with new developments and are very aware of what suits this part of the world and what doesn’t so much. This is not Florida and it’s not Alaska, it’s Ohio and it has its own climate, its own architectural styles, and cultural tendencies. We are proud to be part of all this, as one of the landscaping companies Columbus Ohio residents come to when they want a job done well.

Yes, we’ve won awards and gained recognition among industry bodies, but the feedback we value most is that of the satisfied client.

Landscaping in Hilliard and Landscaping in Columbus Ohio 

First of all, what exactly is landscaping? A landscape does not have to be a vast thing sweeping off into the distance. Everyone who has an outdoor area has a landscape. The trick is to make it attractive in its own way. And practical: your own personal landscape is for living in.

We can do everything from a complete garden design and build to concrete work (driveways, fire pits, stamped concrete, hardscaping and more), stonework for patios, retaining walls, etc, and outdoor kitchens – now there’s a concept that hasn’t quite taken off in this part of the world, but it works well in the Columbus area.

Woodwork is another specialty, including fencing, decking, stairs, sheds, and pergolas, and on the purely practical side, drainage systems, irrigation, lighting, and shading. Let’s not forget water features.

Your outdoor area has to be suitable for the life you want to live when you step outside. Your landscape is an expression of your personality or the combined personalities of the people who live with you. Are you a neat and tidy bunch whose outdoors needs to be as ordered as what is inside the house? We can help you with that.

Perhaps you are the opposite. Maybe you like things a bit wild, a little informal, even unconventional. We can help you with that too. We can help translate your natural inclinations into an outdoor area that works. Not a mess, not a shambles, but a gloriously natural walk on the wild side. Rather than buying a little bowl-shaped charcoal-fired “kettle” barbecue from the hardware store, we can build you a good, solid one faced with whatever kind of stone suits your vision.

If controlled chaos is what you’re into, that is possible, and we can show you how to achieve it. Again, choose your stone or tiles and get as rustic and natural as you want. Perhaps what you crave is tranquility, and if so, a carefully planned patio area can deliver that for you.

Now, down to nuts and bolts. A concrete patio in Columbus? Or a paver patio in Hilliard? Each has its merits and whichever you decide to go for, we will make sure it’s done properly, with a solid, secure base providing the stability that will keep the finished product looking great for many years. We can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each option because we want you to make an informed decision that you can trust as well as admire in the future.

The Endless Versatility of Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, incredibly versatile and easy to work with. It is not the sexiest material, though, and its image has been tarnished by unimaginative use, but it undoubtedly has its place in the wide, wide world of landscaping. It can make a very practical patio, and with our ability to print it, we can give you the effect of a different material altogether. In that way you get all the advantages of concrete but with a finishing touch that adds charm and attractiveness.

And that leads us to another string to our bow, less glamorous perhaps, but necessary and potentially very attractive:

The Driveway Paving Columbus Ohio Needs

Yes, the humble driveway is often overlooked and undervalued, but everybody needs a good one that can handle the stresses and strains of all the visitors who will be swinging onto your land over the years. Concrete is more versatile than its chief rival in this department, asphalt. You can have it with a simple

raked finish, the classic top for grip, or you can have a patterned effect that looks like paving stones but doesn’t take as long to lay.

Alternatively, you can actually have that paving, because just as paver patios in Columbus are popular, paved driveways have a lot of devotees. One advantage of pavers is that the space between them allows for the expansion that happens every year when the weather suddenly turns pleasantly warm and then hot.

The sound you hear going over road bridges is your car rolling over the spacing that is put in the surface for that exact reason. Without space to expand into, the surface is going to buckle, and that means damage. So, the good old paver has its practical merits as well as being available in a huge variety of styles, colors, and textures.

Let’s Come and Have a Look at Your Project

Whatever you are thinking of doing with your outdoor space – or if you have no idea what to do with it – we would love to come and do a consultation. This entails sizing the area up, listening to your account of what you would like to do out there, and seeing how that can be achieved. We may well see possibilities where you see problems, either because our creative people have that vision or because we know the practical things that can be done to overcome potential negatives and turn them into happy plus points.

Our designers will then start working on ideas, finding means to achieve your aims, possibly in ways that have never occurred to you, and creating mock-ups to show what is possible. Prices vary according to what you choose, but what we aim to do is give you a landscaping solution that ticks all the boxes including your budget.

Call us or fill in the online inquiry form with your contact details and a quick summary of what you have in mind. We’ve got the creative talent on our team, and we’ve got the tradespeople who can deliver the results. As with all good teams, it’s a happy blend of complementary abilities. Most important of all, we would love to work with you. Let’s put our heads together and come up with something that is going to put a smile on your face – and we’re going to be proud of.

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