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Concrete is the top material of choice for our inspired designers when looking to create a sidewalk or walkway. This is because of the many different colors, stains, molds and personalization that it can offer. You see it in restaurants, residential homes, shopping centers, commercial buildings, and city surfaces. Many surfaces you walk on may not even seem like concrete at all, but a different material. That is the beauty of concrete, it can be made to look like almost anything. New technology in the industry also makes it possible to add these fun designs to your current walkway or sidewalk. At Inspired Designs & Contracting we love creating and designing new beautiful concrete sidewalks for our customers.

Concrete Styles

There are so many styles that can be used to create a beautiful walkway for your yard or business. These designs come in a variety of colors, textures and look. Our team of designers are always looking at new ways to provide you beautiful walkways. Below are just a few styles that we can offer:

  • Traditional: This classic and timeless look is loved by everyone. This can look like a stone path, a smooth walkways, or a brick walkway that you traditionally see in the yards of homes.

  • Old Style: The old world style consists of stone surfaces and distressed finishes. This style is perfect for a Mediterranean or Tuscan style theme.

  • Rustic: A rustic feel can have concrete that has rich earthy color tones and rough textures. Using stains for this style can also give it an antique look that is perfect for farmhouses and country style homes.

  • Modern: This design has bold, large, geometrical lines. It uses sharp lines to create a contemporary look.

  • Tropical: This is the perfect fit for beach homes, and anybody looking for that warm beachy feel to add to their home. It has natural browns, greens and blue hues colored into the concrete.

Sidewalk Repair Columbus Ohio

We not only will install a brand new sidewalk or walkway for your house or business, we also preform sidewalk repairs. There is nothing worse than getting a stubbed two or a twisted ankle on a cracked, or uneven surface of a sidewalk or walkway. We can come out a rip out the broken part of the sidewalk and repave the part that needs repairing. Our team is experts when it comes to concrete repairs. Let us do the work for you. Call Inspired Design & Contracting today for a free quote.

Concrete Steps

Wood steps don’t typically fare well against the elements here in Columbus, OH. They are also subject to damage from termites, as well as wear and tear. Concrete steps are the safer, more durable option. If you are looking to have concrete steps installed on your property give us a call. When it comes to installing concrete steps, it is especially important that you work with an experienced team of contractors. If the job is not done right, your steps will pose a huge safety risk. Inspired Design & Contracting has been installing concrete steps in the Columbus area for years.

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