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When people think of landscape design they often visualize well-appointed gardens and flowing outdoor spaces. While this is one of the key aspects of landscape design, there is a lot more to landscape design for homeowners to discover. The purpose of landscape design is not only to make the outdoor space into a pleasing oasis but also to make the best use of the available space to meet the requirements of the client.


Understanding Landscape Design

Landscape design can be broadly divided into two, hardscape and softscape. Hardscape refers to the non-living components of landscaping such as a patio, a gazebo, or a stone wall. And softscape is the horticultural aspects of the landscape design.

The landscape designer strives to create a harmonious design that uses hardscape and softscape elements to offer smooth transitions and effective and well-balanced use of the land. Landscape design Columbus OH residents also need to take into account factors such as Ohio weather, the terrain, and the amount of space available outdoors when planning out their outdoor space.


Landscape Design Trends in Ohio


Intricate and Unique Hardscaping

Intricate hardscape design is a trend that is here to stay. Brick or stone patios, outdoor kitchens, or decks are interesting transitional elements in landscape design. They create a wonderful threshold between the traditional concepts of indoors and outdoors. These structures also feature beautiful patterns. Designs and motifs such as waves and chevron which are commonly used in interior design are now finding a place in hardscape. They add an interesting design aesthetic to any outdoor space.


A Dash of the Blues

A touch of blue is the landscaping trend to look out for this season. The color can be incorporated in the mosaic of a stone path, or with a fountain or garden ornament in a corner of the garden. You can also plant hydrangeas and delphiniums to add a beautiful burst of color to your landscape.


A Water Feature

A water feature can be more easily incorporated into a garden than most people think. Depending on the lay of the land, a landscape designer could design and create a waterfall or a stream that would be pleasing to the eye and ear. For a smaller outdoor space a water basin, fountain, or a water wall can be created.


Grow It Yourself

Working on your land and growing your food can be enormously satisfying. A vegetable and herb garden can be designed and planted to suit the landscape design. If you think you do not have enough space, the landscape designer will be able to offer a multitude of ideas and designs. From vertical gardens to growing in containers, there are plenty of design ideas for you to choose from and incorporate.


Keep Irrigation Simple

This will save you both, time as well as money. There are several irrigation systems and designs that would suit your land and its requirements.  By opting for one that is high tech, you can minimize effort and ensure that your garden is well cared for. Many smart irrigation systems can be controlled by Smartphone apps nowadays.

As a landscape designer, it is important to talk to a client about their requirements and vision for their land. And thereafter the professional can make recommendations that are suitable for the land and the owner. If you live in Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin, OH, or neighboring areas and wish to transform your outdoor space and truly own it, call us today for a consultation.